October 13, 2008

Write a poem in the comments.


Anonymous said...

How about a simple haiku?

Happy peanuts soar
Over chocolate-covered moun-
tain tops...LOL


Bliss said...

Is is it possible to be invisible in a crowd of people?
Is it possible to have tears streaming down your face and be invisible?
Is it possible that when you need comfort more than anything your still invisible?
Yes, its posssible. I know because this is how I live, I live an invisible life. Twice a week I go and sit, only to be ignored or forgotten by those I wish to know. I watch them laugh, I watch them talk, and I watch them comfort each other when comfort is needed. This has been the story of my life. I used to tell myself that I didnt mind being invisble, that I liked being left alone, I was lying to myself. I kept telling myself that so it wouldnt hurt as much. Then one day I decided to accept the fact that being invisible is not what I truly want. But you know after being invisible for so long I dont know how to become visible. When I try my hardest to become visible I am still invisible, its like they are blind to me, they cant see there for they dont talk to me or think about me. I want to be visible, Make me visible?